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"Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm"


"More than Meets the Eye"

HAVE YOU EVER SAID, "I'D LIKE TO TRY THAT!" Our actors come from all walks of life and live all over the community.

The Barn Playhouse is a community theatre. All our actors are amateur actors who have other occupations. You don't need any experience, just a willingness to try and to learn!

In fact, a number of our familiar faces on stage started out watching in the audience and one day decided to be brave enough to come to an audition!

Most community theatres don't re-imburse you, but because it requires travelling to the barn for all rehearsals, we help you out with that. We have all actors keep track of their mileage and re-imburse .10 per km. There is also a $50 honourarium for all cast and crew members.

We rehearse for 4-5 weeks before the show begins, 5-6 days a week. Not all actors are scheduled for all rehearsals. A reheasal schedule is worked out that takes us from the 1st rehearsal to the last performance.

Christmas Belles

"Christmas Belles"

The Crazy Quilt Club

"The Crazy Quilt Club"

The rehearsal schedule is worked out based on the schedules of the actors involved. We try to accommodate as much as we can, but once the rehearsal schedule is made, we ask that you work around that. Depending on the show, not all actors are scheduled for all rehearsals, but it is a big committment.

It makes life quite busy for the summer, but the experience is WELL WORTH IT!



"Uh-Oh, Here Comes Christmas" based on the stories of Robert Fulghum

Looking for up to 4 men -- ages 20 through seniors

Looking for up to 4 women -- ages 20 through seniors

(Note: 2 of the roles require singing a solo. Everyone participates in a Christmas Carol at the end of the show.)


Anyone wishing to audition, but unable to make the scheduled audition date, please call 239-4600 to arrange for another time.


SHOWDATES: Nov 29 thru Dec 17 (excluding Mondays and Tuesdays). (All shows begin at approximately 7:15 pm except for Sundays. Sundays the show begins at approximately 1:45 pm. The showtime is approximate because it begins after the Buffet Meal for the audience is finished, which is a variable end time.)

STANDARD REHEARSAL SCHEDULE: Three to four nights/week plus week-ends (varies depending upon how often each character is required and cast members prior commitments) - Rehearsals may begin as early as October 23. Specific rehearsal schedule will be decided after casting is complete.

General Audition Guidelines:


Fifteen holiday stories from the international best-selling author of "All I Really Need to Know iI Learned in Kindergarten" have been crafted into an engaging evening of storytelling.

This charming show takes a funny, heartwarming and often poignant look at the struggle to find the spirit of Christmas amid the avalanche of commercialism, stress and chaos that crashes down every December.

The many delightful stories include a small immigrant child who comes trick-or-treating in a Samnta mask a few days before Christmas, inadvertently delivering the true meaning of the season to a grown-up with a serious case of Scroogitis; hilarious musings about a love/hate relationship with the vibrant poinsettia that arrives in most homes every December and hangs on and on and on, long after the holidays have ended.

There is a beautiful, deeply moving tribute to the winter solstice, celebrating nature's prcious annual gift of rebirth. There is an ode to the late night riad on the fridge on the night after Christmas. There's the fundraiser auction for the children't school where an un-witting young husband ends up buying back a dog his wife has donated, a dog he doesn't even like!

All the stories are clever and entertaining. Some are monologues, some are scenes played out by a number of characters.

There are two songs in the show, so 2 or 3 or the actors will need to be singers as well. The cast does sing a christmas carol at the end, but no solos in that.

Uh-OH, Here Comes Christmas is a refreshing alternative to A Christmas Carol and the Nutcracker.


All actors/actresses play a number of different roles in various stories.

ANY QUESTION? Contact the Barn Playhouse 239-4600