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"Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm"


"More than Meets the Eye"

HAVE YOU EVER SAID, "I'D LIKE TO TRY THAT!" Our actors come from all walks of life and live all over the community.

The Barn Playhouse is a community theatre. All our actors are amateur actors who have other occupations. You don't need any experience, just a willingness to try and to learn!

In fact, a number of our familiar faces on stage started out watching in the audience and one day decided to be brave enough to come to an audition!

Most community theatres don't re-imburse you, but because it requires travelling to the barn for all rehearsals, we help you out with that. We have all actors keep track of their mileage and re-imburse .10 per km. There is also a $50 honourarium for all cast and crew members.

We rehearse for 4-5 weeks before the show begins, 5-6 days a week. Not all actors are scheduled for all rehearsals. A reheasal schedule is worked out that takes us from the 1st rehearsal to the last performance.

Christmas Belles

"Christmas Belles"

The Crazy Quilt Club

"The Crazy Quilt Club"

The rehearsal schedule is worked out based on the schedules of the actors involved. We try to accommodate as much as we can, but once the rehearsal schedule is made, we ask that you work around that. Depending on the show, not all actors are scheduled for all rehearsals, but it is a big committment. It makes life quite busy for the summer, but the experience is WELL WORTH IT!




Looking for 6 women -- age range 30 thru senior

Looking for 5 men -- age range 30 thru senior

Looking for 3 girls -- age range 10 thru 21

Looking for 3 boys -- age range 10 thru 21

AUDITIONS Tuesday, April 17th, 2018


SHOWDATES: : JUNE 20 thru JULY 1 (excluding Mondays and Tuesdays). We may hold the show over to JULY 2 depending on ticket sales. (All shows begin at 7:30 pm except for Sundays. Sundays the show begins at 2:00 pm)

STANDARD REHEARSAL SCHEDULE: Three to four nights/week plus weekends (varies depending upon how often each character is required and cast members prior commitments) - Rehearsals may begin as early as MAY 7th. Specific rehearsal schedule will be decided after casting is complete. Specific rehearsal schedule will be decided after casting is complete. General Audition Guidelines:


This is a funny, touching, and gentle comedy.

Set in San Francisco following the turn of the century, this story of a Norwegian family's survival in the New World is told in retrospect by the eldest daughter, a successful writer recounting the start of her career and the childhood that inspired it.

Based on Kathryn Forbes' fictionalized memoir "Mama's Bank Account", the play is essentially a series of vignettes about the life of the Hanson family as they struggle to scrape by in San Francisco at the turn of the century.

Katrin is the oldest daughter, she also does the storytelling. She is an emotional young woman who wears her heart on her sleeve. When she grows up and discovers things about Mama, she gains an admiration for her mother. There is a beautiful scene where she wants a dresser set as a graduation present, one that the family cannot afford. Mama had intentions of giving her an heirloom broche that Mama always wears. But when she sees how much Katrin wants the dresser set Mama sells her broche for the dresser set. It is Katrin's no-nonsense sister Christine that confronts Katrin about being selfish. Katrin had not known about Mama's sacrifice and so gets Mama's broche back for her and a new level of maturity is reached.

Christine, is the middle sister. She is practical and honest. The sisters are together on stage quite a lot, they get along well.

The family gathers to go through the weekly finances, each time hoping they don't need to take out money from "the bank." Nels is the older brother. He has dreams of going on to high school, which at that time costs money. The family is willing to pitch together to earn the money that Nels will need each month so that they won't have to go to the dreaded bank to make a withdrawal.

Dagmar is the youngest sister. She is crazy about animals and has taken in a stray cat that she calls Elizabeth. Elizabeth gets into a lot of fights and they are constantly nursing Elizabeth back to health.

One day Nels announces to Dagmar she will have to change the cats name because it is a male. Dagmar refuses, so they settle on calling the cat Uncle Elizabeth.

The Hanson's boarder, a man with no clear profession, reads novels to them at night. They have all grown very fond of him, and when he leaves they are sorry to see him go. He skips out on paying them but he leaves his large collection of classic novels behind for them. Mama sees that as payment in full.

Mama's youngest, Dagmar, gets sick and must stay over at the hospital. No one is allowed to visit for 24 hours after the operation, but Mama figures out a plan to pose as the house cleaner that no one really notices and she slips by the matron of nurses.

Mama's sister Trina wants to marry an undertaker and fears her other sisters will tease her. Mama has a plan to keep her "busy-body" older sisters at bay with "secrets" she has heard from Uncle Chris that they would just as soon not have anyone else know.

Mr. Thorkelson, Aunt Trina's fiance is a very comical character, shy, and proper, he is easily convinced by the aunts to ask Uncle Chris for a "dowry" for Trina. Mr Thorkelson is the type that would apologize to the lamp post should he bump into it (which he does!)

Mama's Uncle Chris, a loud bombastic, teddy-bear of a man who comes once every few weeks to bring oranges and check up on everyone. Mama is his favorite niece and he confides in her. Mama's sisters however annoy him and he takes great pleasure in teasing them.

Uncle Chris has a bad limp from a childhood injury. When he sees that one of his nephews has an injury that is causing him to limp, without permission from one of the aunts her takes Arne to the hospital and pays for the operation himself. Then, although no one is allowed to see the child for 24 hours after an operation, Uncle Chris has made an arrangement with the doctor. Arne is in a lot of pain and will moan. Uncle Chris teaches him a Norwegian swear word to shout out when the pain gets too bad, and it works! When the nurse challenges Uncle Chris on this he admits the word in Norwegian really means "stinky old goat".

Papa and Mama always work as a team, they are equals, but because so many of the story lines include interactions with Mama's relatives she is the main character.

The play covers a number of years and as Katrin grows older she is more discouraged with the rejections she receives from publishers that have looked at her work. Mama has found an article in the paper about a famous author that is at a convention in the city and encourages Katrina to seek out "Dame Florence Dana Moorhead". Katrin won't do it so Mama does. She finds Ms Moorhead in the hotel lobby and Mama entices her into a conversation about her mother's Norwegian recipes as Ms Moorhead is a connoisseur. Ms Moorhead agrees to read some of Katrin's stories while Mama writes out the recipes for her.

When Mama returns home she finds Katrin throwing away her note books. Mama admits to Katrin that Ms Moorhead thinks the stories are no good, but Ms Moorhead has also said that it is because Katrin is writing about things that she has never experienced. Katrin needs to write about something she has experienced, something she cares about, and when she has done that then she needs to send the story to Ms Moorhead's publisher. She will tell the publisher about Katrin.

We find out in the next scene that Katrin has done that and there is a note in the mail from the publisher. Katrin and the family are nervous for her as she opens the letter. Enclosed is a cheque for $500 dollars. They have bought the story for the magazine. Katrin says she will buy Mama the new coat there has never been money for and then she wants Mama to put the rest into the account at the Bank. Mama then admits to the children there is no Bank Account. She has always told the children that there is money in the bank because she did not want them to grow up afraid that there would not be enough. But tomorrow, they will open a real bank account. The family wants Katrin to read the story to them just as their boarder used to read to them. They realize that the story Katrin has written is all about Mama and Katrin's story begins with the same monologue as the play began with.

No description can do justice to the rich characterizations that fill the author's canvas.

The play is a heartwarming story of how Mama and Papa bring up their children in a modest San Francisco home during the early 1900s. Mama's sisters and uncle furnish a rich background for a great deal of comedy as well as poignant moments, while the doings of the children manage to keep everyone in pleasant turmoil.

The play is very similar to the movie version from 1944. There was a TV series in the 1950s that ran for 10 years as a spin-off of the movie.


CHARACTERS: (*are small roles)

KATRIN (14 thru 20) -the oldest daughter. She is energetic, observant and wears her emotions on her sleeve and is very creative.

CHRISTINE (12 thru 18) -is the second oldest daughter and 2 years younger than Katrin. She is also observant and straight forward. She is practical and often feels that she is in Katrin's shadow.

DAGMAR (10 thru 14) - is the youngest child. She loves animals and is a bit of a tom boy. She is full of ideas and wants to be an "animal doctor" when she grows up.

NELS (16 thru 21) -is the oldest child. He is kind. He takes care of his sisters. He knows a lot is riding on his education so that the family will have an easier time when he finds a job after school.

*ARNE (10 thru 12) - is a young cousin, Sigrid is his mother. He has a bad limp and is in the hospital being taken care of by Uncle Chris. Many are afraid of Uncle Chris, but Arne is not. A bright child.

MAMA (30s thru 40s) - kind, thoughtful, practical, loves her family above all, strong-willed, creative and above all- loving. She often has to make something out of nothing, she has to mediate between her sisters and Uncle Chris often. But it is Papa that Mama relies on.

AUNT JENNY (40s thru 60s) - is the oldest of her siblings and believes all decisions should be funneled through her. Is pessimistic by nature, she sees that as being practical.

AUNT SIGRID (40s thru 50s) - is always right behind Jenny. However, she is not as pushy as Jenny, she simply sits back and disapproves.

AUNT TRINA (40s thru 50s) - the youngest of the three aunts. She is very timid. She is kind and loving but is often afraid of her own shadow. It has taken a great deal of courage to stand up for herself and decide to marry Mr Thorkelson.

*JESSIE (40s thru senior) - the Aunts believe that she is Uncle Chris's maid, but disapprove of her living in the house with Uncle Chris. She is thoughtful and practical and does not concern herself with what the Aunts think. It is only at Uncle Chris's death that we find out they have been married all along, but because it annoyed the aunts so much he was more than happy to let them think the worst.

*FLORENCE DANA MOORHEAD (50s thru senior) - a famous writer that has heard it all and is very good at brushing people off in a kind way. She is intrigued by Mama and therefore is willing to read Katrin's work.

*NURSE (30s thru senior) - used to keeping order and keeping people out of the patient wards, even the very persistent ones.

PAPA (40 thru 50s) - a kind thoughtful soul. Very fun loving. Loves his family and always puts them first. Mama relies on him and he relies on her. They speak as one voice to the children. He is used to stepping out when the aunts come over to the house.

UNCLE CHRIS (50s thru senior) - is a loud, bombastic sort. He loves his niece, but hasn't much regard for her sisters. The Aunts, Jenny, Sigrid and Trina annoy him. He knows that the children are often afraid of him, but he makes a game of winning their trust and affection. Uncle Chris has kept his marriage to Jessie a secret all this time just to annoy the aunts. At his death we find out that all the money he has ever made (which was considerable) went to pay for operations he funded for young children who had leg difficulties. In his ledger, after each entry for payment of an operation he has written: "Now walks".

*MR. HYDE (50s thru senior) - a grand English actor who is down on his luck. He loves the family and they love him. Each evening he reads to the family from a classic novel. He reads in a grand dramatic fashion. Nels, the oldest boy would sooner stay in and listen to Mr Hyde then spend time down at the soda shop with his friends.

*MR. THORKELSON (40 thru 50s) - is an undertaker. He is quiet and awkward. Trina, who is equally shy is his chance at happiness. He often bumps into things and trips. He is well meaning and very endearing.

*DOCTOR (40 thru senior) - is genuinely concerned for his patients. He makes a house call to a very sick Dagmar and arranges to do the operation at his clinic so that the cost won't be as high when he realizes that all the money Mama has is in the small tin box. Is offended by Uncle Chris's pushy ways when Uncle Chris wants to interfere and find another doctor more to his own liking.




Looking for 3 women -- age range 21 thru senior

Looking for 3 men -- age range 21 thru senior

AUDITIONS Thursday, April 19th, 2018


SHOWDATES: : AUG 22 thru SEPT 2 (excluding Mondays and Tuesdays). We may hold the show over to SEPT 3 depending on ticket sales. (All shows begin at 7:30 pm except for Sundays. Sundays the show begins at 2:00 pm)

STANDARD REHEARSAL SCHEDULE: Three to four nights/week plus weekends (varies depending upon how often each character is required and cast members prior commitments) - Rehearsals may begin as early as JULY 9th. Specific rehearsal schedule will be decided after casting is complete. Specific rehearsal schedule will be decided after casting is complete. General Audition Guidelines:


This is ONE FUNNY SHOW! A growing web of falsehoods that snowball with witty dialogue and quick physical humour.

The story of Carolyn Bingham, a young woman dealing with, oh, all sorts of problems: a broken toilet; a grumpy arthritic grandfather who lobs insults at her French-Canadian husband, Michel, from the comfort of his favourite chair; a pair of overbearingly Ontarian parents coming for dinner; and a baby set to arrive very, very soon. If Carolyn can get the food on the table, prevent long-simmering arguments from breaking out between various family members, and not have the baby between the turkey and the rhubarb pie, then the evening will be a success. The play opens and we see the interior of a very old farm house with insulation plugging up holes to keep the drafts out. Caroline rises from behind the couch in the middle of a contraction. She is on the telephone with who she believes is her midwife only to find out after a lengthy description of her contraction that it is her midwife's six year old daughter she is speaking to!

We find out Carolyn is almost finished preparing supper for her over-achieving parents who she has kept her distance from for quite some time now. Carolyn and Michel, her French Canadian spouse, are living on the farm with Grandpa. Because of his severe arthritis and a serious heart condition he is not able to do many things he used to do. Michel has taken over the diary and is installing a brand new up to date milk parlor. They take a lot of pride in the improvements they are making. The new house has taken a back seat to improving the barn so they are still in Grandpa's old house. Carolyn has opted for the simpler life style. Gardening and making preserves now fills her time and gives her joy.

All these thing are annoyances to her over-achieving parents who wanted a university education and a career for their daughter. Not to mention the church wedding that Carolyn's socialite mother would have loved to plan for her. Instead Carolyn and Michel chose the justice of the peace.

Carolyn has invited her parents to supper to prove a lot of things to them. She wants them to be in her baby's life, but she wants their approval and understanding from them for her own decisions first. A lot to expect from one dinner! But Carolyn is running with hormones and wants the impossible.

As Carolyn is on the phone with her midwife grandpa comes into the house looking for a place to disappear. As he closes the door behind him on his way to the basement Michel comes flying through the door in hot pursuit! Once again Grandpa has been meddling in the barn and has messed up Michel's sense of order.

All Carolyn wants from them is help preparing for the supper and some assistance in getting the house ready. But they are too involved in their own feud to help her. We find out that Carolyn's father who grew up on the farm moved away to university to become a doctor, an obstetrician, the head of the department and that her mother is involved with massive fundraising events for his hospital. Carolyn is terrified that the baby will come to night and she will have to admit to her father, face to face that she is choosing to have the baby at home instead of in the hospital. Carolyn will go to any length to hide this fact from her parents.

The quirky physical humor in this show is so much fun. For example, Grandpa, who can't use his hands anymore is left to slice the carrots. Not to be bested and while no one is looking, he bites off chunks of carrot to boil in the pot.

When there is no hiding the fact that the baby is on the way and that the woman who arrived is not really a veterinarian here for the cows, but is in fact a midwife things tumble along at break-neck speed. But just when the midwife barricades the door to keep Dr Bringham out and we are sure this is just another farce tumbling along, some pretty amazing conversations take place. Conversations between, father and daughter, mother and daughter, father and grandfather make us see that while we are laughing we have opened ourselves to recognizing some pretty amazing things about family love.

Having Hope at Home will have you shedding tears of laughter one minute and tears of empathy the next. It takes a baby to heal the rift in this funny, heartwarming story of forgiveness and hope.


CHARACTERS: (NOTE: one role, Michel has a french-canadian accent)

CAROLYN BINGHAM (20s thru mid 30s) - is full of life! She is very endearing, working hard, she is determined to get past her own fears of not being adequate in her parents' eyes. She is standing up for what she wants her life to be. She is looking to make things right even though she doesn't really know where that will lead. She is a very loving person. But right now her hormones are running wild and so are her mood swings.

JANE BINGHAM (mid 40s thru 60) - Carolyn's mother. She tries to be a peacemaker, but she just doesn't understand any way of life other than her own privileged life. She is all about collecting Royal Daulton figurines and fine china.

DAWN SHAW (could be played as 30s thru senior) - Carolyn's midwife. She is a "granola" sort of person. Used to dealing with all sorts of people. She is a commonsense kind of person. She is there as Carolyn's champion.

MICHEL CHARBONEAU (20s thru mid 30s) - Carolyn's husband. French-Canadian accent. Passionate about everything, full of life and would do anything for Carolyn.

WILLIAM BINGHAM (mid 40s thru 60) Carolyn's father. Is a no nonsense medical doctor who is not used to people questioning him. He is at a loss to understand his daughter and in the end learns some important things from her. He also has never gotten over his own father's refusal to show pride in his son's achievements.

RUSSEL BINGHAM (senior) - Carolyn's grandfather. Ornery, misses his own wife who has passed away. Determined to defend his granddaughter to her father. Teases the poor young French Canadian. Finally comes to an understanding with his own son in the end.

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